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Open Silicon Valley 13th OPEN Forum is held at Computer History Museum.  Museum is in Mountain View and can be seen from 101.  Take shoreline exit from 101 or 85 and make the turn in to the museum or  Pear Av to enter directly into the parking lot.

Venue Overview


If parking is full at the Museum we have arangements with Microsoft to park in their paking lot next door.



Parking Area

Note some spaces in the front of the  museum are not available. Park at the right side or in the Microsoft parking..


Additional Parking Area




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OPEN Forum 2015
June 6th,  2015
Mountain View, CA

About Us

We are OPEN Silicon Valley a  Chapter of OPEN Global. We are dedicated to help entrepreneurs and professionals network and succeed in thier efforts.

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For general information about the event send email to
 440 N Wolf road, Sunnymvale , 94085