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Sentiment Analytics and Adtech Panel

There are thousands of companies in the dynamic digital advertising industry and fragmentation is causing issues of survival for most of them. How can an entrepreneur in this arena ensure that he succeeds? Is there a formula or a recipe to follow for success? When is the time to pivot and perhaps even more important, what exits may be possible with a limited demand market from buyers for startups in this silo. Join us and find out more about what you should do to help your case as an entrepreneur or advisor to startups that are treading the lucrative but very competitive digital advertising market.

We are seeing major changes in advertising technology at the moment, but not everyone has realized how transformational these changes are. Indeed, analysts have talked about four types of business models in the ad-tech ecosystem, but have not discussed the underlying innovation that is driving the more leveraged of these models.

So what should investors be looking for in ad-tech companies as they navigate the ad-tech landscape and how does that connect with changes in big data landscape as well as the changing face of big data analysis where business is beginning to move beyond text analysis including video, audio and other sentiment based analysis. Some pertinent questions included are:

1. What do Brand Focus companies stand to gain from adtech changes?
2. How have companies like Google and Facebook attempted to change Ad-Buying Transparency and what has that meant for other players? Is text based analytic data working or is more diverse content driving sentiment analytic complexity?
3. What are the advantages of working closely with customers and "First-Party Data"? 
4. What is the state of mobile brand advertising? 
5. What is the impact of new kinds of data analytics that are available now because of more diverse content?
6. What are the challenges with old text based data analytics and is the market going to move away from that anytime soon?

Moderator: Noman Ali, CEO & Founder @ Peanut Labs

Alexander Hooshmand, VP Product Management @ Oracle Marketing Cloud
Imran Tusneem, President & Founder @ Emugu Corporation
Zubair Jandali, VP Sales & Business Development @ reddit Inc.


Alex Hooshmand - Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Alex leads Oracle Marketing Cloud’s product management teams for B2B Marketing Automation (Eloqua), DMP (BlueKai) and Content Marketing (Compendium). He is the former co-founder and Chief Product Officer of BlueKai before it was acquired by Oracle in 2014.

Alex is passionate about the blending of product, strategy and operational excellence to create value for customers. He joined BlueKai from Right Media (later acquired by Yahoo!), the first and largest online advertising exchange, where he was focused on defining and implementing Right Media’s audience data strategy. Prior to Right Media, Alex worked as Director of Product Management at DoubleClick and as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company. Alex earned a Bachelor of Economics degree from Carnegie Mellon, and a MBA from Wharton.


Imran Tusneem - President and Cofounder, Emugu

Imran Tusneem is the president and co-founder of Emugu, the sentiment-based social networking and analytics provider. He has 18+ years of experience in product development and professional services across a diverse span of industries including information technology, environmental science, health care, finance, and social networking. As Director of Engineering at Locus Technologies, he pioneered and developed a cutting-edge ERP platform for environmental information management. He held various positions at Hewlett Packard including Director of Packaged Solutions, Director of Custom Application Development Global Practices, Lead Industry Technologist and Architect for Cloud-based next-generation automation and delivery platform. Imran also worked at Mercury Interactive, which was acquired by HP in 2006. At Mercury, he championed and pioneered cutting-edge solutions in application quality and management automation across different technology stacks. As Director of Solutions Development for Global Practices, he supported both managed SaaS-based and on-premise products and solutions.

Imran holds Master’s and Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana.

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