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Innovation vs. Adoption - Challenges and Opportunities in IoT and Big Data Analytics



Nauman Sheikh

Nauman Sheikh is a veteran of all things DATA who has built dozens of large scale operational, data warehouse and analytics systems over the last 20 years. He has worked in three continents solving business challenges in consumer credit, risk, fraud and direct marketing areas dealing with a variety of cultural, technological and legal challenges surrounding data and its use. He is a hands-on practitioner with skills ranging from data warehousing to predictive modeling to analytics driven decision automation and routinely deals with demonstrating value from analytics investment to C-Level executives. He is currently working on a large IoT analytics project involving 10 million Smart Meters

He is the author of “Implementing Analytics: A Blueprint for Design, Development & Adoption” published by Morgan Kaufmann 2013.

Session Description

The current trends in IoT & Big Data Analytics suggest an approach that requires a lot of upfront investment in sensors, NoSQL technology, and analytics software and data scientists with a promise of business innovation and competitive advantage. However, the challenges of adoption have largely been ignored dealing with existing processes, cultural complacency and resistance to change and operational systems incapable of handling analytics driven decision automation.

This session will provide a detailed approach to help entrepreneurs understand the complete IoT Analytics landscape, explain the various avenues of innovation and opportunity, allow them to cut through all the jargon and confusing terminology and provide a lot of insights into challenges of adoption dealing with existing organizational cultures. The session will break down the entire sales strategy needed for IoT analytics.

This detailed approach relies on 4 objectives that lead to transforming a business driven from the promise of IoT Analytics

  1. Simplification
  2. Commoditization
  3. Democratization
  4. Innovation

Learning Objectives, takeaways and benefits

  1. Complete and holistic review of a fast evolving problem and technology space
  2. A quick glimpse into major investments by companies like Cisco, Verizon, Samsung, Intel & GE – where they are going, where the industry is going
  3. How to identify opportunities where IoT Analytics can help innovate
  4. How to address the Challenges of sales to large corporations including demonstration of RoI
  5. Overview of audit and control on automated analytics driven decisions (JPMorgan London Whale $6 billion scandal, Wallstreet Flash Crash)

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